IFIT Staff / Local Coordinator

Ana Kourchenko

Ana Kourchenko is Local Coordinator at the Institute for Integrated Transitions in Mexico City. For the past years she has been working on multisectorial projects related to partnerships building, community empowerment, project coordination, research on social development and content creation. She has participated in projects in Mexico, New York and India and has been particularly focused on Immigration and Gender Issues.

Other projects worked upon include social program design, evaluation and implemention; as well as community work with rural Mexican population, migrant hispanic communities in the US and rural artisans in India. Ana has been actively involved for over 5 years with a Mexican organization that fights to tackle modern day slavery, specially related to sexual exploitation.

Ana holds a BA in International Relations focused on Global Politics from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Development Project Management from the Inter-American Development Bank.

Working languages: Spanish, English, German and and Italian.