Transition Assistance Practice Group / Senior Research Associate, ODI

Marcus Manuel

Marcus Manuel is a Senior Research Associate for ODI working on development finance issues, especially in low-income and fragile states.

Marcus Manuel’s former ODI roles include founding Director of Budget Strengthening Initiative (BSI) and Head of Centre of Aid and Public Expenditure (CAPE).

Prior to joining ODI, Marcus held a number of senior management roles within the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) with responsibilities for staff and programmes in Africa and Asia. His final role was Director Pan Africa Strategy and Programmes, one of the three directors responsible for managing DFID’s programmes in Africa with focus on Africa wide strategies; institutions and issues, including regional trade; conflict prevention and humanitarian support. Other roles were Deputy Director, West Africa (2004–06) and Deputy Director, Asia (2003–04).

Before working at DFID, Marcus worked at HM Treasury. His final role was head of the newly created department in HM Treasury responsible for advice on all aspects of international development (including DFID expenditure, debt policy and creation of the International Financing Facility) (2001–02).