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IFIT Case for Support

Philanthropic support or annual sponsorship of IFIT´s short and long-term growth – expanding its local, regional and global impact – is an investment in advancing peace, justice and security for all.

As long as human conflict exists, IFIT will have a substantive role to play. The success of peaceful transitions requires continued presence in volatile regions and countries before, during and after peace and political settlements have run their course.

IFIT helps usher in negotiation and transition processes that are more inclusive, resourceful, evidence-informed and collaborative. Ensuring IFIT’s continued leadership in this field will generate reforms to, and eventually bring about the evolution of, traditional peacebuilding techniques which are often fragmented or fall short of aspirations.

IFIT brings together under one roof the best of theory and practice in relation to successful negotiations and transitions out of conflict or authoritarian rule.

We hope this case for support offers the starting point for a deeper conversation regarding how we can work together to move current practice away from fragmented interventions and towards more integrated solutions to strengthen peace, democracy, and human rights.

To discuss your partnership with IFIT please contact Adriana Brassart, IFIT’s External Relations Manager, at [email protected].

IFIT’s Distinguishing Features

IFIT’s uniqueness lies in the following combination of factors:

  • Expertise that covers both negotiation and transition processes, whether out of violent conflict or authoritarian rule. 
  • An emphasis on promoting and harnessing local leadership, local expertise, and local action to advance local solutions.
  • An integrated methodology that ensures local partners have easy and organised access to leading global experts on critical policy dimensions of successful negotiation and transition.
  • A focus on long-term relationship building and systemic change. 
  • A philosophy of dialogue and confidential engagement with leaders of all sides in any dispute or conflict.
  • A focus on doing gap-filling policy research on controversial subjects.
  • A highly cost-efficient and sustainable business model.

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