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Alison Castel

Dr. Alison Castel is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Communication at Regis college, where her research and teaching centers on critical approaches to conflict, narrative, and dialogue. She holds a Ph.D from the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) at George Mason University with a specialization in narrative and conflict.

Dr. Castel has twenty years of experience in peace and conflict studies practice and pedagogy as principal faculty for the Peace and Conflict Studies program at University of Colorado- Boulder as well as leading field experiences, for example, in Israel/Palestine, Indonesia, Rwanda, Colombia, and Northern Ireland with an emphasis on examining the intersection of national and grassroots perspectives.

Her most recent research focuses on the narrative dynamics of transitional justice between the state and rural communities in Colombia, which she is expanding on in order to examine narrative dynamics of race in the U.S. She is especially concerned with how narratives shape issues of voice, power, and agency in conflict and exploring how narrative approaches can be used to reduce everyday violence and marginalization and to facilitate transitions to peace.