Law and Peace Practice Group

One of IFIT’s aims is to advance solutions to challenges of amnesty, accountability and reconciliation that arise in contexts of negotiated transition out of war, crisis or authoritarian rule. The IFIT Law and Peace Practice Group is the main conduit through which the Institute conducts in-country advisory work related to this issue area.


Comprised of eighteen preeminent rule of law experts, the Law and Peace Practice Group provides real-time, creative and confidential guidance on viable amnesty, accountability and reconciliation options for negotiators, mediators, and mediation support groups active in Track I and II processes. The Group’s main services are advisory and technical in nature, encompassing confidential on-call advice (e.g., legal briefings, options memos, risk analysis, commentary on draft texts) and customised research to advance practice in the field (e.g., policy briefs, comparative studies).

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