Law and Peace Practice Group / Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Afghanistan; Ambassador At-large for Freedom of Expression

Ahmad Nader Nadery

Mr.  Nadery is chairman of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission. Prior to joining the Commission he was senior advisor to the President on Public and Strategic Affairs, he also serves as Ambassador At-large for Freedom of Expression. 

Mr. Nadery served as director of Afghanistan Research and Evaluation (AREU) for three years. AREU is Afghanistan’s globally ranked research institute. He is also the founder and was chairman of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan. He served for 7 years as Commissioner of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC). Mr. Nadery was also chairman of board of directors of Open Society Foundation-Afghanistan. He represented Afghan youth at the main UN peace talks for Afghanistan in the Bonn Conference in 2001, where the Post-Taliban interim government was formed.

Prior to his appointment at the AIHRC, Mr. Nadery served as the director of Afghanistan programs of Global Rights, a Washington based organization. He also served as the Spokesperson for the Emergency Loya Jerga (Grand Assembly) that elected head of transitional government in 2002. During this time Mr. Nadery was elected as a delegate for the Emergency Loya Jerga and served as representative of civil society. Mr. Nadery co-founded Afghan Civil Society Forum, and foundation for civil society and culture.

He has written extensively on politics, human rights, women rights and democracy in Afghanistan. Mr. Nadery taught constitutional law at the American University of Afghanistan in 2012. He also served as member of Global Agenda Council on Fragile States of World Economic Forum. Mr. Nadery led No Peace Without Justice Support missions in Libya for two years after the 2012 revolution. He is also a member of Board of Editors of the International Journal on Transitional Justice and appears regularly on BBC, New York Times, Washington Post and other national and international media. In 2005 Mr. Nadery was recognized as an “Asian Hero” by Time Magazine and named as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2008.

Mr. Nadery, studied law and political sciences at Kabul University and earned his master’s degree in International Relations from George Washington University, he also studied leadership at Kennedy school of government at Harvard University.