Global Initiatives

Alongside the work of its in-country brain trusts and thematic practice groups, IFIT sometimes carries out larger global initiatives when a systemic gap is identified in the global architecture for advancing inclusive negotiations and transitions.

Often arising out of in-country work, IFIT’s global initiatives are ambitious by nature. They may seek to build a new area of international law and policy, develop new global frameworks on unusually complex topics, or produce evidence-informed international guidelines to advance better practice in a pressing area of concern for peacemaking and transition. 

The initiatives are highly inclusive and participatory, always involving interactive research and extensive global consultations. IFIT also forms high-level expert advisory groups or panels to provide strategic guidance on each initiative.

The issues covered in IFIT’s global initiatives can appear daunting. But the problems they seek to overcome won’t disappear on their own. Innovation and risk-taking are a necessity to achieve the kind of enduring changes IFIT aims to help bring about. 

Our Global Initiatives

Peace Treaty Initiative

The Peace Treaty Initiative aims to develop new international law to incentivise and support peace negotiations, in order to prevent armed conflicts in the first place and to end them once underway.

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Global Initiative on Polarization

The Global Initiative on Polarization, an IFIT collaboration with the Ford Foundation, seeks to advance global understanding of the diverse causes, consequences and realistic strategies for reducing severe polarization and preventing violent conflict.

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Initiative on Apex Court Appointments

The Initiative on Apex Court Appointments will fill the current gap in guiding principles – both globally and regionally – in the selection and appointment of constitutional and apex court judges.

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