The Global Initiative on Polarization

The Global Initiative on Polarization is a major new project by IFIT in collaboration with the Ford Foundation. It seeks to foster a deeper global understanding of the diverse causes, consequences and solutions to growing polarization – in democratic and non-democratic settings alike – culminating in an interactive resource hub and community of practice on the topic.

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Through interdisciplinary research, structured convenings, and applied work in a selection of focus countries, the Global Initiative on Polarization will examine cross-cutting and practice-relevant challenges at the nexus of polarization, conflict and social justice.

The work will draw, among other things, on IFIT’s expertise and work in related fields, including narrative theory and practice, as well as the Ford Foundation’s global network of experts.

The initiative was launched in November 2021 and will operate for four years. Key ideas and findings from the first year of work were discussed at a major global convening hosted by IFIT at its Barcelona headquarters in November 2022.