post / 24 November 2022

PAST EVENT: Global Convening on Polarization

The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is holding a special in-person convening at its global HQ in Barcelona next week to explore critical challenges posed by the growing and troubling phenomenon of polarization. The event is taking place in the context of the Global Initiative on Polarization, a four-year collaboration between IFIT and the Ford Foundation

Over the course of two days, leading experts from IFIT’s and Ford Foundation’s networks, along with other global partners, experts and philanthropists, will discuss the threat that polarization poses for democracy, peace and security in countries around the world. They will also explore the ways in which such threats can be mitigated via narrative, dialogue, and institutional and legal reforms. Extra attention will be placed on Latin America – specifically Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico – where members of IFIT’s local brain trusts have conducted significant work on polarization. 

The discussions in Barcelona will directly inform the work of the Global Initiative on Polarization, which seeks to foster a deeper global understanding of the diverse causes, consequences, and solutions to growing polarization. Through interdisciplinary research, field-level work, expert convenings, and global network-building activities, the initiative aims to examine and expand practice-relevant ideas and strategies to prevent and mitigate the most dangerous forms of polarization.

Date: November 29-30, 2022

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