Thematic Practice Groups

Comprising leading global experts, IFIT’s high-level thematic practice groups work to advance new knowledge in the field, while accompanying and supporting the efforts of IFIT’s in-country brain trusts.

An IFIT practice group is a purpose-built community of 15 expert-practitioners. Currently, IFIT operates practice groups focused on the following cross-cutting challenges of negotiation and transition strategy:

The main services of each practice group are advisory in nature, and geared toward a mix of strategy support and technical assistance. Although the specific services vary from case to case, they typically encompass confidential on-call advice (e.g., technical briefings, policy planning, risk analysis), customised writing (e.g., options memos, non-papers) and lessons sharing at IFIT-organised meetings. IFIT practice groups also tend to generate their own research agenda, including publication of original ideas and practice briefs on core concepts and issues.

In working with IFIT’s country brain trusts and other local partners, the practice groups offer many potential benefits. Above all, they help:

Our Practice Groups


Law and Peace

Via its Law and Peace Practice Group, IFIT supports the development of creative and realistic solutions to amnesty and accountability issues that arise in contexts of negotiated transition out of war or authoritarian rule. This group is the main conduit through which IFIT conducts in-country advisory work related to this issue area.

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Inclusive Narratives

Via its Inclusive Narratives Practice Group, IFIT aims to improve outcomes in fragile and conflict-affected states transitioning out of war or repression by focusing on inclusiveness as a guiding principle. IFIT’s Inclusive Transitions Framework presents our conceptual approach, integrating political, economic and social dimensions of inclusiveness.

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Transition Assistance

IFIT´s Transition Assistance Practice Group deals with the specific subset of international technical and financial aid aimed at facilitating transitions to democracy and peace. Via this practice group, IFIT seeks to improve the way recipients and providers of transition assistance work together in affected countries.

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