In 2019, IFIT formed the Libyan Expertise Forum for Peace and Development (LEFPD) to ensure that Libyans play a leading role in determining their future. Heralding from across Libya and bringing together diverse expertise, this local brain trust aims to contribute to the rebuilding of the Libyan state through a bottom-up model that emphasises decentralisation and local governance, as well as human rights and the rule of law. The LEFPD aims to advance its goals through a knowledge-based approach that prioritises democratic dialogue, participation, and confidence-building communication.

Composed of 17 prominent experts and peacebuilders, the brain trust has a vision of a peaceful and prosperous Libya built on equal citizenship, broad inclusivity, and transparent, accountable and effective institutions. To advance national reconciliation, the LEFPD focuses on promoting co-existence, fostering solidarity, and nurturing community participation, as well as strengthening the organs of local governance. 

By initiating public conversation on the group’s vision for Libya, the LEFPD provides a unique forum for Libyans of diverse backgrounds to debate key issues. This is advanced through direct dialogue and through public events and media, including webinars streamed on social media and Libyan national television.



Libyans Rebuilding Libya: Local Governance Best Practices

This booklet highlights the progress made by local authorities in Libya to improve governance in their administrations. It also summarises the obstacles to empowering and strengthening local governance; presents ten best practices drawn from municipalities and localities that have achieved outstanding success on the ground; and outlines what other local administrations can share with their peers across the country.