Country Brain Trusts

IFIT’s pioneering brain trusts creatively pool and harness the unique strengths of local ‘go-between’ leaders to bridge national and community-level processes of dialogue, peacebuilding and transition.

Typically, an IFIT brain trust consists of a multidisciplinary group of 15-18 social, business and political leaders from the particular country, chosen for their policy expertise, personal integrity, influential local networks, and capacity to connect elites and ordinary citizens. A single brain trust might include, for example, the rector of an important national university, the head of the national business council, the country’s chief religious leader, the director of a top local think tank, and so on. These are the go-between leaders whose role is critical in bridging national and community-level processes of dialogue, peacebuilding or transition.

Once the brain trust is in place, IFIT’s permanent staff and thematic practice groups offer the brain trust customised training and policy support based on a continuously evolving set of priorities tied to an overall strategic aim (such as facilitating a political settlement or ensuring a successful peacebuilding process) that is embedded in a long-term local vision.

In supporting each brain trust’s impact goals, IFIT seeks to:

The benefits of an IFIT brain trust vary from one case to the next, but above all they offer a catalytic local platform to:

The kind of outcomes achieved by IFIT brain trusts are wide-ranging and include to: