Transition Assistance Practice Group

IFIT aims to support transition countries to effectively leverage international resources to uplift their populations, take ownership of their recoveries, and sustain their transitions. The Transition Assistance Practice Group (TAPG) promotes recipient governments and societies leading the way, since they are best positioned to identify the most appropriate external resources and to align them with national and societal priorities, thus achieving more locally-led development and aid effectiveness.

Countries in transition have access to far more sources of external assistance than in the past, both financial and non-financial. Whereas foreign aid from Western countries was once the predominant source of development financing, today it is of lower importance, with aid from non-Western donors, private financial flows, and diaspora resources often being much more significant. This growing variety of resources opens new opportunities but also casts light on the need for recipient countries to navigate a changed landscape.

Comprised of a select group of leading international experts, the Transition Assistance Practice Group carries out original research and writing to advance knowledge and practice in the field, and provides impartial, creative, practical and timely advice to countries on how to better leverage external resources.


In countries transitioning out of war or authoritarian rule, the key to aid effectiveness lies in empowering locals to develop strategies to prepare for and direct the incoming aid.

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