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Timothy Nielander

Dr. Timothy Nielander works on a wide range of public-private cooperation projects focused on improving collaboration and systems for facilitating development assistance and innovative approaches to funding and addressing global challenges. He has served as General Counsel and Managing Director of Corporate Services for Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, as well as an advisor and a Board Member for development programs focused on the Millennium/Sustainable Development Goals. He has developed programs with multinational and private participants based in Europe, the Middle East, Caribbean/Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa and the South Pacific across a range of issues: disaster planning and response, health, education, agriculture, financial inclusion, clean energy, sports-development, safety/security. He has lived and worked in Jordan, Belgium, and Switzerland and travels frequently to Africa, Pacific Asia and Europe to work in-country. Tim is a qualified solicitor in England/Wales and licensed to practice law in Washington, USA.  He holds an LLM in Intellectual Property Law and a PhD from the University in Geneva. He recently published “Public–Private Partnerships in Global Development” (Edward Elgar, 2020) for which a companion university course has been developed for universities serving as magnets for students of international cooperation in six geographical regions. Prior to becoming a specialised consultant for international organisations Tim practiced with the Seattle law firm, Preston, where he provided counsel to a broad range of clients, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft Corporation and