Peace Treaty Initiative – Expert Advisory Group

To carry out our global work, we operate a unique business model involving 300+ experts affiliated as members of one of the following IFIT structures: 1) global staff, including fellows and interns; 2) in-country brain trusts; 3) thematic practice groups; 4) International Advisory Council; 5) Board of Directors; or 6) advisory bodies linked to our global initiatives such as the Peace Treaty Initiative, the Initiative on Apex Court Appointments, and the Global Initiative on Polarization.

The Peace Treaty Initiative’s Expert Advisory Group brings together a mix of highly regarded global leaders, negotiators, jurists, and scholars. Its function is to advise on the larger substantive and strategic dimensions of the initiative. All members of the Expert Advisory Group serve in their personal capacity.  

IFIT’s Law and Peace Practice Group is also actively involved. Comprised of sixteen respected global experts, the Group provides creative and realistic analysis and advice on the challenges of balancing justice and peace in contexts of negotiated transition out of armed conflict or authoritarian rule.  



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