The Uzbekistan Brain Trust is a multidisciplinary platform of leading Uzbek experts actively engaged in shaping the country’s future. Working on a non-partisan, expert basis, the Brain Trust aims to contribute to a successful transition towards a prosperous, just, and inclusive society, building on Uzbekistan’s distinctive development model and holding open channels of policy dialogue with relevant officials and stakeholders.


The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Uzbekistan

This publication examines Uzbekistan’s potential to build a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem that could help the country to strengthen and accelerate its ongoing economic transition.

Drawing on in-depth research and interviews with leading Uzbek experts from business, education and the public sector, the report offers a detailed assessment and practical set of recommendations on how to bolster the current entrepreneurial ecosystem. It also details a series of practical actions to help develop entrepreneurial processes; secure necessary inputs and resources; and enhance the interactions between stakeholders within the ecosystem.