Since 2015, IFIT has provided independent advice and training to a wide range of key actors seeking a negotiated solution to the country’s armed conflict. In 2019, IFIT created the Syria Resource Group (SRG): a multidisciplinary brain trust of Syrian experts and civic leaders working to develop and promote a local vision for the country’s eventual reconstruction and the corresponding role of international assistance providers.


SRG Discussion Paper

International Assistance for All in Syria (June, 2020)

Over the past decade, unprecedented amounts of international assistance have been mobilised in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. But this well-intentioned assistance has been politicised, manipulated and diverted into the hands of one side of the conflict. To ensure more just and realistic parameters for future international interventions in Syria as the conflict heads towards the recovery and reconstruction phase, the Syria Resource Group outlines a human rights-based conditionality that can help the international community provide efficient assistance, while creating conditions for sustainable peace.