Inclusive Narratives Practice Group

IFIT aims to improve outcomes in fragile and conflict-affected states transitioning out of conflict or repression by zeroing in on inclusiveness as a guiding principle. IFIT’s Inclusive Transitions Framework (2015) lays out the Institute’s overall conceptual approach, which includes special attention to narrative and identity issues.

The IFIT Inclusive Narratives Practice Group is the world’s first dedicated advisory platform on the need to construct and promote inclusive social and political narratives as part of any negotiation, dialogue or transition process taking place in a fragile and conflict-affected society.

Comprised of a select group of leading international experts on the subject, the Practice Group provides comparative and technical advice and support to local leaders – including members of IFIT’s country brain trusts – on creative and realistic options for building inclusive identities and narratives that can increase the chances of successful negotiation, dialogue or transition in the specific country context. The Group also carries out original research, providing analysis and developing practical tools that can help build up a field of practice on the construction of inclusive identities and narratives. The Group’s work is informed by the recognition that lasting peace does not come from everyone holding a common narrative; instead, it emerges in environments where many diverse narratives are encouraged to thrive together.

As a non-profit initiative managed by IFIT, the Group offers its services without cost.


In fragile and conflict-affected states, nurturing more complex and unifying narratives may be more impactful than new policies.