Inclusive Narratives Practice Group

While narratives play a central role in driving conflict, narrative strategies and tools can also help enable peaceful engagement. IFIT’s Inclusive Narratives Practice Group seeks to identify new ideas and practices at the intersection of narrative and peacebuilding, with a focus on lessons learnt from countries working towards transitions to democracy and peace.

Comprised of a select group of leading international experts on the subject, the Inclusive Narratives Practice Group provides comparative and technical advice and support to local leaders – including members of IFIT’s country brain trusts – on creative and realistic options for transforming narratives to increase the chances of successful negotiation, dialogue or transition.

The Group also carries out original research, providing analysis and developing practical tools on narrative peacebuilding. The Group’s work is informed by the recognition that lasting peace does not come from everyone holding a common narrative; instead, it emerges in environments where many diverse narratives are encouraged to thrive together.

Narrative Peacebuilding Hub

Explore IFIT’s Narrative Peacebuilding Hub, an open online resource with in-depth information and practical guidance on how to enrich national narrative landscapes to diminish the influence of simplified stories that drive conflict and polarisation.

Containing a mixture of policy papers, practice briefs, videos, toolkits, and other resources developed by IFIT’s Inclusive Narratives Practice Group in partnership with IFIT country brain trusts and other experts, the Narrative Peacebuilding Hub is a platform for practitioners, policymakers and donors to access and exchange knowledge on the intersection of narrative and peacebuilding.


In fragile and conflict-affected states, nurturing more complex and unifying narratives may be more impactful than new policies.