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Mauricio Meschoulam

Dr. Mauricio Meschoulam is a Mexican professor of International Relations, an analyst, and an international speaker. He has a PhD in Public Policy and Administration with a specialization in Terrorism, Mediation and Peace.

He has taught at the National University of Mexico, at the Technological Autonomous Institute of Mexico, and at Universidad Iberoamericana, where he has developed a course on international negotiations with a peacebuilding perspective. His areas of investigation relate to geopolitics, terrorism, and peacebuilding. His research has been widely published and presented nationally and internationally.

He is a columnist for the newspaper El Universal. He also works for radio stations, as well as national and international TV networks.

He founded and is the director of the Mexico Research Center for Peace, which is currently conducting research about the psychosocial effects of violence in Mexico, the impact of fear, and the role of the mass media in the social construction of perceptions about violence and peace. The Center also develops training programs and public policy recommendations.

Since 2014, Mauricio has been a member of the Halifax International Security Forum. He’s been honored with a post at the Citizens Assembly of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination in Mexico. Mauricio’s most recent books in Spanish are Syria’s War: Seven Years of Analysis, ISIS: Understanding its War in order to Find Peace and The Russian invasion of Ukraine. His most recent book in English, published by Palgrave MacMillan, is Organized Crime, Fear and Peacebuilding in Mexico.

Areas of expertise: international relations, international security, geopolitics, terrorism, radicalisation and extremism, peacebuilding, public policy for peace.