Member, Expert Advisory Group

Sienho Yee

Sienho Yee studies public international law, especially systemic issues, dispute settlement and v) jurisprudence. He proposed the “international law of co-progressiveness” idea and the principle subsequently employed in ICC Rome Statute, Article 16. Cited and quoted in ICJ and other proceedings, he was the principal presenter on applicable law at the official “ICJ at 70” seminar, and has advised clients in boundary and other matters before the ICJ and elsewhere.  

He is currently Professor of International Law, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing; Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of International Law; Chief Expert, Wuhan University Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies; Distinguished Professor, National University of Malaysia; AALCO Special Rapporteur on Customary International Law; member of Institut de Droit International and US Supreme Court Bar.  

A Columbia Law Review author before receiving his Columbia JD, he was a law clerk to Judge Cowen (US Third Circuit) and Judge Li Haopei (ICTY), Chair of ILA American Branch Committee on International Dispute Settlement, Sub-Reporter on ICJ Matters of ILA UN Reform Study Group, and ILA Baselines Committee member, lawyer at IMF; law faculty member at London (Queen Mary), Colorado (Boulder), Xi’an Jiaotong, and Wuhan University; academic visitor at Harvard, Bellagio-Rockefeller, Oxford (Hamilton Fellow, Christ Church), Humboldt.