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Building Peace from the Middle

In a special edition of Peace Science Digest, IFIT experts examine the critical role of ‘go-between’ peacebuilders and their influence on the Institute’s ‘brain trust’ model.

In collaboration with Peace Science Digest, IFIT published a special issue in English and Spanish that takes a closer look at the unique needs and capacities of different types of peacebuilders: the diaspora, female religious actors, international organsations, business associations, and youth. 

In a new section called Research to Action, IFIT experts describe how academic theory informed the Institute’s own model of national brain trusts comprised of ‘go-between’ peace leaders who occupy multiple spaces, belong to multiple constituencies, and share ideas and information across them. In the article, we argue that these often overlooked leaders play a vital role as educators, ethical exemplars, and bridging agents in contexts of negotiation and transition.

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