post / 22 July 2022

PAST EVENT: Locally-Led Peacebuilding – The IFIT Brain Trust Model

The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is pleased to announce Locally-Led Peacebuilding: The IFIT Brain Trust Model, the first online event to be held as part of our new 10 Peacebuilding Innovations series. 

This event brings together three recognised local leaders from Nigeria, Syria, and Venezuela who will share their first-hand lessons in bridging elite and community-level processes of dialogue and peacebuilding. The event will include discussion of the critical – but often overlooked – role played by local go-between peacebuilders who “lead from the middle”.

Date: Thursday, July 28 at 4pm Barcelona time 

Registration: Please click here to register and receive the Zoom link.

Moderator: Mark Freeman, IFIT Executive Director


10 Peacebuilding Innovations is a year-long series of events and initiatives to mark IFIT’s 10th anniversary. The events are led by diverse experts belonging to IFIT’s staffbrain trustspractice groups, and governance bodies. Each event lasts 30 minutes and is held via Zoom.

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