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Inclusive Transitions Framework

Based on two years of research, interviews, and expert workshops, this IFIT publication outlines a new conceptual and operational framework aimed at improving outcomes in fragile and conflict-affected states transitioning out of conflict or repression by zeroing in on inclusiveness as a guiding principle.

  • “The Inclusive Transitions Framework is truly spot on, has a comprehensive overview of all the issues involved, and resonates closely with my ideas and experience. It will definitely serve as a powerful and practical aid for successful transitions, as well as for what not to do.” Marwan Muasher – Vice President for Studies, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan
  • “This timely publication offers fresh new thinking on the subject of transitions, blending ideas from the fields of democratisation, human rights, development, and peacekeeping. It will be an important resource for anyone working in fragile states.” Anne Applebaum – Director, Transitions Forum, Legatum Institute; Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist for the Washington Post and Slate 
  • “This new publication deserves a large audience. It is more attentive than conventional writing to the national or regional specificities. It is inductive. And it has no preconceived ideas about transitions – which are so often a recipe for disillusionment.” Tarek Mitri – Director, Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI), American Univ. of Beirut; former Lebanese minister and head of UN Support Mission in Libya  
  • “In 40 years of work on transitions around the world – and having been an active participant in the Spanish political transition – I have learned that inclusiveness is absolutely vital to success. This deeply original publication explains why – and offers dozens of inventive ideas on how. It fills a crucial missing piece in the literature and practice of transitions.” Emilio Cassinello – Director General, Toledo International Center for Peace (CITPax); Ambassador of Spain

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