IFIT Staff / Project Consultant

Mariana Valderrama Arriola

Mariana Valderrama Arriola is a Project Assistant at the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) based in Bogotá, where she works mostly on the Institute’s land development projects including those of the Territorial Trust. 

Prior to joining IFIT, Mariana worked at the “Programa de Desarrollo y Paz del Magdalena Medio” (PDPMM), where her responsibilities included the reparation of victims of enforced disappearance in the region, through the reconstruction of the victims’ life stories and community work alongside with social leaders. She has over 2 years of experience working as a volunteer in different foundations such as Eudes, Jeymar and Colombiacrece.

She has a BA in Political Science with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She is currently undergoing a Masters degree in Peacebuilding from Universidad de Los Andes. Mariana has also taken courses on Women, Equality and Empowerment from the Universidad de Salamanca.

Working languages: English and Spanish