IFIT Internship Programme

IFIT offers 6-month full-time internships at its headquarters in Barcelona and (renewable) 3-month full-time internships in its office in Bogotá.

Picture: Soff Garavano Puw

Headquartered in Barcelona, the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping fragile and conflict- affected states achieve more sustainable negotiations and transitions out of war or authoritarianism. IFIT’s core work is to serve as an expert resource on integrated policy solutions for locally-led efforts to break cycles of conflict or repression.

What type of work do interns do?

Interns support a wide range of IFIT’s activities and projects. Research assignments related to IFIT’s projects and fields of activity form a significant part of the workload. Other responsibilities include assisting with the organisation of events, fundraising and communications.

Who can apply?

Competitive candidates should meet the following general criteria:

IFIT is committed to building a racially and culturally diverse workplace and strongly encourages applications from minority candidates.


IFIT internships are unpaid but offer 1) a monthly stipend to alleviate local transportation and housing expenses, and 2) reimbursement of air travel to or from the city of the internship (up to a maximum of 500€).

When and how to apply?

Barcelona: Internships run from 1) September – February, and 2) February – August. The application period generally opens in June and in December, respectively. The vacancies are published on IFIT’s website and LinkedIn and on ReliefWeb.

Bogotá: Internships normally run from 1) January – March, 2) April – June, 3) July – August, and 4) September – December. Internships are renewable under certain conditions. Vacancies are published on IFIT’s webpage and on the IFIT Latam Twitter account.