Adriana Brassart

Adriana Brassart is IFIT’s Head of Office and External Relations Director. She leads IFIT’s team in Barcelona, coordinates relations with IFIT’s donor partners and serves as project leader for IFIT’s work in Syria and Uzbekistan and thematic work in the transition assistance field. Her professional background is in the foreign and development policies of the European Union.

Prior to joining IFIT, she worked for almost ten years in the European institutions. In the European External Action Service, she was responsible for the EU’s policy in the Middle East region, particularly Egypt and Lebanon during the Arab Spring and the regional implications of the conflict in Syria. She co-drafted the EU policy response to the Arab Spring; the EU regional strategy for Syria, Iraq and the Daesh threat; and the EU country strategies for Egypt and Lebanon. Before that, she managed development cooperation projects at the European Commission (EuropeAid), focusing on regional cooperation in Asia and Central Asia. More recently, she served as an advisor to the Foreign Ministry of Slovakia during its Presidency of the EU Council, focusing on development policy, Agenda 2030, migration crisis response and development and security nexus. Earlier in her career, Adriana worked for the management consulting company Deloitte.

Adriana holds a Master of Science degree in International Relations from the University of Economics in Bratislava and a joint international Certificate in European Law and Economy from the University of Rotterdam, Gent, Tempere, Madrid and further four other universities.

Working languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Slovak (native), Russian (basic)