Member, High-Level Advisory Panel

Humberto Antonio Sierra Porto

Humberto Sierra Porto is a Judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights since 2013 and served as its President during the 2014-2015 biennium. Previously he had served as Judge (2004-2012), Associate Judge (2001) and Assistant Judge (1992) in the Colombian Constitutional Court. As a researcher he has worked at the Institute of Constitutional Studies Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita and at the Universidad Externado de Valladolid. As a Professor, he has taught Constitutional Law at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, where he currently is the director of the Department of Constitutional Law, and previously has been the director of the postgraduate degrees in Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Law, Public Law, and Political Science and Sociology.

Judge Humberto Sierra Porto has a PhD in Constitutional Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, is a lawyer from the Universidad Externado de Colombia and has a specialisation in Constitutional Law and Political Science from the Centro de Estudios Constitucionales in Madrid.

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