Member, High-Level Advisory Panel

Zaid Al-Ali

Zaid Al-Ali is the founder of the Arab Association of Constitutional Law, the region’s first regional network of constitutional experts. He is also Senior Adviser in Constitution-Building at International IDEA.

Al-Ali’s previous work experience includes having practised international commercial arbitration for 12 years and working for the United Nations on Iraqi constitutional and parliamentary reform for five years.

Since 2011, Al-Ali has implemented projects on and provided assistance to the large majority of constitutional reform initiatives in Arab countries. He is the author of The Struggle for Iraq’s Future, published by Yale University Press (2014) and of Arab Constitutionalism: The Coming Revolution, published by Cambridge University Press (2021). Al-Ali has taught Law at Sciences-Po (Paris) and at Princeton University. From 2019-2020, he was a fellow at the Berlin Institute of Advanced Studies.

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