events / 02 November 2023

Enriching Narratives for Peace – The IFIT Narrative Model


29/11/2023 - 29/11/2023

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is pleased to announce Enriching Narratives for Peace – The IFIT Narrative Model, the latest webinar within our 10 Peacebuilding Innovations series.

Narratives are systems of stories that shape how we understand ourselves and our relationship to our social groups and others. They influence the way we mobilise for action and manage conflicts over time. Narrative strategies and tools are thus an integral part of peacebuilding. 

In this webinar, two members of IFIT’s Inclusive Narratives Practice Group will discuss IFIT’s approach to narrative peacebuilding and share lessons learnt from applying the approach in collaboration, respectively, with our brain trust in Mexico and with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission in Kenya. A key learning from our work is that lasting peace does not come from imposing a narrative and everyone telling the same story – it emerges in societies where many complex, diverse narratives are encouraged to thrive together.

Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at 4 pm Barcelona time.

Registration: Please click here to receive the Zoom link to be able to watch the webinar.

Moderator: Jasmina Brankovic, Research Associate, IFIT