post / 22 June 2023

PAST EVENT: IFIT’s Middle Belt Brain Trust organises two-day workshop on community grievance management with traditional rulers from Benue State

On June 13-14, 2023, IFIT’s Middle Belt Brain Trust (MBBT) held a two-day workshop on “Community Grievance Management” for traditional rulers from Benue State. The workshop, in which 21 ‘second class’ chiefs from the Tiv- and Idoma-speaking ethnic groups participated, is part of the MBBT’s broader efforts to improve grievance management capacities at the community level in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region.

The workshop combined discussion of theory and practice, using various scenarios and providing a sense of common purpose and community. Participants discussed community mapping, stakeholder analysis, early warning and response mechanisms, alternative dispute resolution, and ways of strengthening community grievance management councils.

The workshop was one of many MBBT has been holding for traditional leaders (including ward heads, village heads, and district heads). The general aim is to improve access to justice for the region’s disadvantaged, illiterate, rural and dispersed populations as well as reduce the risk that civil disputes turn into violent identity-based conflicts. The broader goal is to increase civic engagement and foster more public processes that over time can facilitate broader social and structural change.

Local media coverage: The Sun – News of the Nation.

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