post / 12 April 2023

PAST EVENT: Partial Agreements: The Functional Alternative to All-Encompassing Settlements

The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is pleased to announce Partial Agreeements: The Functional Alternative to All-Encompassing Settlements, the latest webinar within our 10 Peacebuilding Innovations series. 

In situations of entrenched conflict, it is common to seek comprehensive rather than limited deals when negotiating. However, the default to all-encompassing goals can be counterproductive since local, regional and global conditions seldom will be propitious to achieving them. An approach of multiple ‘partial agreements’ to ‘shrink the conflict’, instead of seeking its comprehensive end, may sometimes be the wiser choice. 

In this webinar, IFIT experts will examine the potential advantages and risks of partial agreements within the context of armed or political conflicts, as well as the range of issues that might be suitable for such agreements. 

Date: Wednesday, April 19 from 4:00pm-4:30pm Barcelona time 

Registration: Please click here to receive the Zoom link to be able to watch the webinar. 

Moderator: Colleen Gwazani, Coordinator, IFIT


10 Peacebuilding Innovations is a year-long series of events and initiatives to mark IFIT’s 10th anniversary. The events are led by diverse experts belonging to IFIT’s staffbrain trustspractice groups, and governance bodies. Each event lasts 30 minutes and is held via Zoom.

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