Latin America Regional Advisory Council /

Joaquín Livinalli

Alongside his extensive experience in the private construction sector in Venezuela, Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, and West Africa, Joaquín Livinalli has actively participated in the entrepreneurial sphere of his home country, Venezuela. He has been a co-drafter of legislative initiatives on urban development and housing policy. He has also served as a visiting professor in construction management at the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad Metropolitana and the Universidad Central de Venezuela, respectively.

A publisher, author, and editor in cultural affairs, he is currently engaged in two new projects: one on applied behavioural economics and its sociological implications for contemporary elites, and the other a historical investigation of a building he rehabilitated on the palatial Calle Salustiano Olózaga in Madrid, Spain.

Joaquín earned a degree in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He also holds a degree in Law from the Universidad de Santa María in Caracas.