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Valentina Barrera

Valentina Barrera is an Intern at the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) in Bogotá, Colombia, and is working to support IFIT’s territorial brain trust in the country.

Prior to joining IFIT, Valentina contributed significantly to various projects in the fields of pedagogy, social work, and research. Her work involved collaborating with children and adolescents from vulnerable neighbourhoods, actively participating in the construction of their life projects, and creating leisure spaces to foster their personal growth. Throughout her career, Valentina also conducted research on crucial topics such as peacebuilding, memory, and indigenous communities, and analysed the role of Colombia in the global context.

Valentina is a political scientist from the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. She also has minor studies in sociology and a diploma from the Universidad Nacional on conflict, memory, and peace about the Final Report of the Truth Commission. Her areas of interest are gender, environment, memory building, and peace in Colombia. Valentina aspires to pursue a master’s degree in one of these fields.

Working languages: English and Spanish.