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Innovating pathways to peace

The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is an international non-governmental organisation with peace projects worldwide. Often working behind the scenes, we aim to bridge social and political divides and expand the spectrum of imagined solutions. Our 330+ local and global experts are recognised leaders on negotiation and transition.

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IFIT seeks to transform current practice away from fragmented and internationalised peace interventions and toward more integrated and localised solutions.

Because every dialogue and transition is different, we deploy a combined network of thematic practice groups and country brain trusts, always customising our advice to the situation and issues at hand.

Our goal is to foster awareness of the full range of policy choices available to face any transition dilemma and build confidence across complex political and social divides. This usually occurs via five steps, as described below.

Our advice and support are requested or offered as part of a dialogue, negotiation or transition process.


We assess the situation and deploy IFIT experts who provide creative, realistic, and principled advice on a time-sensitive basis to key decision-makers.


Over time, we develop close local partnerships, which often culminate in the establishment of a country brain trust of social, business and political leaders.


Our expert staff and practice groups support and work actively with these leaders, generating analysis and practical solutions in locally identified areas of priority.


We continuously adapt to changes on the ground, seeking to expand areas of policy consensus at the highest levels.


Country Brain Trusts

IFIT’s pioneering brain trusts creatively pool and harness the unique strengths of local ‘go-between’ leaders to bridge national and community-level processes of dialogue, peacebuilding and transition.

Global Initiatives

Peace Treaty Initiative

The Peace Treaty Initiative aims to develop new international law to incentivise and support peace negotiations, in order to prevent armed conflicts in the first place and to end them once underway.


Global Initiative on Polarization

The Global Initiative on Polarization, an IFIT collaboration with the Ford Foundation, seeks to advance global understanding of the diverse causes, consequences and realistic strategies for reducing severe polarization and preventing violent conflict.


Initiative on Apex Court Appointments

The Initiative on Apex Court Appointments will fill the current gap in guiding principles – both globally and regionally – in the selection and appointment of constitutional and apex court judges.


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